I was looking forward to this book and as soon as it was published, I bought the ebook version, too curious to discover this universe! Praises were really good on goodreads so I was expecting an awesome read but well...I feel kind of disappointed right now. For me, this book was good, nothing more, nothing less. I really wanted more, to enjoy it but I found it slow and long and yes, sometimes boring. I think this book was missing something. The mythology imagined by Elly Blake was great, I have to recognize that, I really like the concept of Ice and Fire and all the stories about the gods involved but... The story didn't go as I wanted, it turned otherwise and I found it a little predictable. In the end, I was tired of the Arena and I wanted it to stop. I didn't expect the story to go like that. As for the characters, Ruby was nice, a strong lead, stubborn and brave but I didn't feel anything toward her. No sympathy, no fear. Same for Arcus even if he was more mysterious and he did surprise me at a particular moment in the book. But, between the two, again, I felt nothing. It is a shame because I wanted to love them and support them so much! I don't know if I will read the sequel, I'm not as curious about it as I would like to be.

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